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Grow your business with InvoiceNow — a nationwide E-invoicing method that enables the direct delivery of invoices in a structured digital format across different finance systems. Operating on the international Peppol network, this new standard of invoicing will have your business running smoother, faster and greener in no time.

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What’s in it for businesses?

Streamlined Processes
  • Reduce errors and time spent on manual invoicing.
Faster Payments
  • Speed up validation across financial systems through unique UENs.
A Greener Business
  • Save the environment with reduced paper waste.

Join InvoiceNow
in 3 easy steps.

Get connected with businesses, big and small, islandwide today.

  1. Check if your finance or accounting solution is Peppol-ready.
    • There are over 100 solution providers that can help you get connected.

  2. Activate InvoiceNow.
    • Simply follow the steps from your Peppol-ready solution provider to register yourself on the network.
    • Otherwise, approach an Access Point Provider to integrate InvoiceNow into your in-house system.

  3. You’re ready to InvoiceNow
    • Send and receive invoices directly through your finance or accounting system.
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Autobackup Function:

iSolve Cloud ensures data security with its autobackup feature, automatically preserving your critical business information at regular intervals. This seamless process eliminates the risk of data loss due to system failures or human error, providing peace of mind for your business operations.

Centralized Document Storage:

With iSolve Cloud, all your essential documents are stored securely in one centralized location. This convenient feature allows for easy access to important files anytime, anywhere, streamlining workflow efficiency and collaboration among team members.

Customizable Solutions:

iSolve Cloud offers customizable solutions tailored to meet your specific business requirements. From user interfaces to reporting tools, you have the flexibility to adapt the software to your unique workflow, ensuring optimal performance and productivity.

Multi-Currency Accounting:

Manage international transactions effortlessly with iSolve Cloud's multi-currency accounting feature. Stay updated on currency exchange rates, accurately record transactions in different currencies, and generate comprehensive financial reports with ease. This functionality empowers businesses with global operations to maintain precise financial records and make informed decisions across borders.

1 Login to Isolve Cloud Accounting

2 First order - invoiceNOW transaction summary

3 Download to Sales Order Before Converting to Invoice

4 Invoice Created

5 Send Via InvoiceNow

6 Receive Invoice Response (IR) from IMDA

7 Receive Invoice Response (IR) from IMDA=>AB code for 1st Invoice

8 Receive Invoice Response (IR) from IMDA=>PD code for 1st Invoice

9 Supplier Invoice 1 (Supplier Invoice is recorded as Stock Received in our system for posting to accounts)

10 Send emails to all Debtors/Customers

11 Send emails to all Creditors/Suppliers

12 Log file of who was sent emails.

13 Sample email

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